In October of 2013 Carl and Annette Thornton created an Adoption Fund through United Way. The primary goal is to help people/families who would like to adopt but are discouraged by all the unforeseen financial burdens. 

The fund operates in conjunction with the United Way of St. Joe county and is managed by Kelly Hostetler of UW.
Last year they expanded the fund to include the United Way of Branch County. 
Carl has a sister, Lynnsue, whom his parents adopted from Korea as a baby in 1972.
In honor of Lynnsue, they started this fund.

Today, Lynnsue is thriving in NYC where she has lived for over 20 years. 
She has a Master's Degree in Social work and is a social worker in Harlem.
She has 2 children and her husband, Craig, is an attorney for NYU.
Carl and Annette donate $1,000.00 a year - on her birthday, Oct. 26th - from each pizzeria.
That, along with a couple of colors runs, some donations, and an annual Trivia Night, is how they raise the monies for the adoption fund.

To date they have raised over $24,000.00 and assisted with 18 adoptions/guardianships.
They hope to help with many more adoptions as the years go by. 
Most importantly, they hope to promote and increase the number of children adopted by good, loving parents.