Made from scratch pizzas, custom subs and salads appear magically with just an order from the down town Colon Michigan Five Star Pizza restaurant.  Owners Carl and Annette Thornton, who have been in the Pizza business for 30 years, are not afraid to reveal the secret to why their pizza is loved throughout the area. Annette explains that every part of the process is completed by hand to provide the perfect pizza. It all starts with the dough which is made fresh each day. The dough then has a time tested process which provides a specific environment to allow the dough to rise a minimum of 30 hours to achieve the perfect crust. The homemade tomato sauce combines the ripest crushed tomatoes and just the right amount of fresh mixed spices. The cheese used in the pizza and sandwiches is grated from 5 pound blocks each day at the store to ensure the ultimate freshest cheese product possible.
Carl explains that they hand toss the dough after the order is given as each Pizza is assembled from scratch. The ovens are solid block ovens which must be heated at least 1 hour before initial cooking to allow the base hearth to gain a consistent temperature to cook a perfect pizza.  The expert staff constantly turns the pizza during the baking process with old world wood paddles.  Their goal is to make sure each part of the pizza obtains the evenly heated crust their customers know and love. Nothing about the process is mass produced, Carl emphasized.
Lake residents (Colon is surrounded by Palmer Lake, Sturgeon Lake, Long Lake and also the St Joseph River) who escape from Chicago are always visiting early in the spring season and frequently mention that, after having been away for months, one of the first Colon things they crave is a Five Star pizza. Carl states, “We know there are great Pizza places in the Chicago area but so many of the customers return each year and make a point to tell us how much they missed our personalized hand made pizza.”
When we visited the warm and friendly shop, we spoke to Magic Capital citizens and visitors. On a recent Saturday night one group mentioned the “Star Pizza” a generous combination of pepperoni, ham, green pepper, mushrooms, onion, and green olives.  Kids interrupted to tell us the bread sticks were their favorite, with cheese dipping sauce. Just mention to the local teenagers a Five Star double cheese pizza and you have their attention!
It’s not a sandwich, it’s a custom made sub. Patrons not in the mood for pizza often indulge in one of several sub sandwiches offered on the menu.  Built to order and toasted to perfection, these hunger blasters provide a tasty alternative. Salads of all types, nachos, mozzarella bread sticks, and cinnamon bread sticks are other menu favorites.
Want something different?  Try the magically unique peanut butter and jelly Pizza, or the specialty frozen dessert Pizza. The frozen treat is no illusion, it is a frozen pizza made with a freshly baked dough base, and contains whipped topping, crushed Oreos and sprinkles it is cut into pizza slices for the ultimate vanishing act. For a never before seen trick, try to tackle the most amazing warm dessert; a sweet and decadent double-baked peanut butter, chocolate chip and marshmallow dessert pizza.
The Thornton's especially love Magic Week. Carl stated that they have 4 restaurants (Colon, Bronson, Union City and Homer) and normally split their time between stores, but for Magic Week which is the first week in August, they spend all their time in Colon. Over the years they have met many famous magicians and entertainers, TV personalities, writers, producers, and magic enthusiasts. As can be seen by autographed posters on the walls of their Colon store, many famous people have been to Five Star Pizza over the years. It has become a meeting place for the magical community after the magic shows Colon has seen for 72 years. 
Even the average person can feel famous after a visit to Five Star.  Patrons are encouraged to take photographs of themselves enjoying the friendly atmosphere of the restaurant and post the photos on the Five Star Wall of Fame at the back corner dining room.  Carl and Annette always make a point of introducing themselves to their guests, and making them feel welcome.
Escape the franchise restaurant rut and try the Five Star experience and become your own magician as your pizza magically disappears.